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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Senior worker with iron fist

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Senior worker with iron fist

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Staff at a certain place where aggrieved people come for redress are crying out for a resolution to their own grave problem.
Workers say a senior co-worker has become so obnoxious he’s even summoned people while they are in the middle of a bathroom break.
He is insisting that all who work with him take the same 15-30 minute lunch break as he does and report their every move to him.
When the team he’s working with questions the unfamiliar jargon of his orders he refuses to clarify them even though it is creating a problem later on.
They have complained time and again but the man appears emboldened by the fact that he was appointed under the present administration.
The fed up workers are hoping that retribution catches up with this man and his boss will consider the length of his appointment as time served and release him.
If that does on happen the workers are planning to go further than just the court of public opinion.
Blue vex
A certain man is hunting for legal representation after a headline-making statement.
He is protesting the description of his promising career in an old job.
He wasn’t given any marching orders but chose to walk away in protest, so no one can quite understand why he’s fussing about making the news.
His reason, observers say, is not apparent.
Together again
Tongues started wagging after many spied a well known couple together at a public outing.
Those in the know thought it was over for these two as the initial court papers were there to prove it. And it is no secret that at least one part of this handsome couple has been seen out and about with someone else.
However, after they turned up together observers surmized that probably it would have been too scandalous for either to bring their current love in such a spiritual setting. Or perhaps they are window dressing for a major upcoming event.
Whatever the reason only time will tell if the event they attended brought the relationship back from the dead.
Just not ready
A major outing one weekend has left a bitter taste in the mouth of some who attended.
They were not at all pleased with the mouthings of some speakers. Rather than give hope to the audience, the speakers dwelt on the past and obsessed with the dead.
They are not ready, some walked away saying. And to think this was their second chance at holding the event.
Things heating up
Documents have been filed seeking damages for an ailing politico who was in a certain institution and allegedly was not treated in a manner consistent with his title.
The politico, the documents allege, was put in a dusty room that was hot and uncomfortable and not suited for a man of his standing.
Sources say though that come hell or high water the institution intends to fight any legal uprising to the bitter end.