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PUDDING & SOUSE: ‘Browning’ holding on tight

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PUDDING & SOUSE: ‘Browning’ holding on tight

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Three years ago Pudding & Souse told you about the budding relationship between a good looking thick brown skin security guard and her supervisor. Well, the relationship is apparently still going strong.
Updated reports indicate that the guard kicked her devoted boyfriend to the curb after her new man promised her the moon and the stars. Since then she has been promoted she has a work station and she never works long hours.
But the supervisor’s wife is still holding on strong even though she also knows about the relationship while the guard’s child father gave up after trying his best to bring a halt to the affair.
Associates of both of them are watching to see how much longer this will last.
Public nuisance No. 1
Friends of a well known Lucian woman would like her to find a job for the new year and stop making herself a nuisance to customers of a popular shop.
First she was asking a popular jockey and a well known businessman who frequents the shop to lend her $2 000. She didn’t get through to either of them so she went begging another customer to credit furniture for her from a store for the holidays.
But people who know her are wondering why she doesn’t ask the motorcycle man who got the house for her to rent or the man she meets every Saturday morning by a funeral home close to where she lives or even the shopkeeper who she said was her man.
Being taken for a drive
Why does a young woman who owns a small white car always take the bus to work while the top boss who works next door to her office drives her car?
It seems that this woman is so much in love with this man that she allows him to use her car to take his wife and children everywhere while she has to use public transport.
On mornings when he arrives at work he even parks her car in his car park instead of taking it to her next door.
Rumour has it that he is telling his wife that the car belongs to one of his colleagues and when he does not sleep home at night he tells her that he was working late.
Workers have overheard him saying that with this new-found lady friend, he doesn’t have to spend any money because she provides for him.
Some of her male colleagues who hang out in the car park on mornings want to know why she would allow herself to be used in this manner. They are having a good laugh at her stupidity because they know that the man would never leave his family for her.
Bailiff gone wild
It was bare bacchanal at a district recently when a bailiff turned up at a woman’s house demanding that she hand over the overdue rent money.
Word has it that the bailiff pulled open the woman’s door, stood in the doorway with her hands akimbo and told her – expletives deleted – that she was not leaving until she handed over the money.
Police had to be called in after the bailiff started screaming obscenities at the woman in front of her husband and telling her how she could go by the Garrison if she wanted to get money.
The big scene caused several neighbours to come out of their homes and they could only shake their heads in disgust at the bad behaviour of this so-called bailiff.