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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: He dat is wifout sin . . .

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: He dat is wifout sin . . .

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Dear Nesta,
Hope yuh hol’in’ on an’ keepin’ de faif muh girl, ’cause dah is all we could do in dese evah-changin’ times. I down hey, tryin’ to keep body an’ soul togedduh, but wedder I succeedin’ is anethuh matter.
As I tell yuh las’ time, de Bees had a mass rally in Heroes Square two Friduh nights gone, an’ as announce in de papers well in advance, anybody dat din able to be present in de body could be dey in front duh computer watchin’ it.
My gran’son tell muh dah mefod call “streamin’” or beamin’ or somet’ing so, but wuhevah it is, yuh could see de whole meetin’ ’pon de computer. I ax he to set it up, so I see it from home, as I does try muh bes’ to keep far enuff from crowds nowadays – fuh healf reasons an’ ethuhwise.  
I c’n watch de proceedin’s fuh too long, doh. De computer stickin’ evah five minutes did tummuch fuh me so I only see couple “hopefuls” in duh red shirts tryin’ to put ’cross duh message. I had to switch off long befo’ it was time fuh de “big hitters” to speak – better fuh my nerves.
When Philomena gi’e muh de lowdown nex’ day, I realize she wasn’ relatin’ neffin I din hear befo’. Bofe sides now tellin’ yuh de same ole tired tale ’bout de same ole problems, an’ how duh inten’ to “solve” duh. I hope t’ings don’ turn out like “Humpty Dumpty” – whichevah side get to sit ’pon dah wall.
Well, we had anethuh big mass rally two nights later – dis time, fuh de Lord, I din exackly sure, ’cause when I switch on an’ see de PM ’pon de stage an’ mos’ o’ de Guvment ministers line off in de front row, wid not one soul in sight from de ethuh side, I t’ought dis meetin’ had to be de Dems answer to de ethuh people rally, an’ de PM was eiduh jes’ openin’ or closin’, like any ethuh political meetin’.
It turn out I was wrong, when I finally realize de speaker fuh de night was yet to come. He was a gentleman from over an’ away, name Mr Reinhard Bonnke, dat could raise de dead – or so de advertisin’ went.
Now, I hear ’bout people in deep comas, sometimes fuh years, an’ one day, jes’-so, open duh eyes an’ wake up. Ef raisin’ o’ de dead by dis gentleman mean somet’ing like dat, I could onderstan’, ethuhwise, I would ha’ to watch de body risin’ out de coffin in duh grave-clothes – like Lazarus – to believe it could happen. Call muh Thomas, ef yuh like.
Anyhow, Mr Bonnke sermon was ’bout Fuhgiveness – “He dat is wifout sin, cas’ de firs’ stone” – an’ en had one t’ing to do wid callin’ up duppies. People enuff mussee get disapp’int.
Philomena tell muh she never t’ought raisin’ from de dead did refer to yoomans, but to dat spirit o’ love an’ peace, now hard to fin’, ’specially sence election fever tek over dis lan’.
I had it up to muh eyeballs as to who should win an’ who gine lose. Dah is why when I get up ’pon a mornin’s, I tek to gettin’ down ’pon dese two ole knees an’ pleadin’, not wid de PM, but wid de Saviour – ’cause He is de highes’ power an’ could do all t’ings – to leh dis election “come to pass” quick, quick, an’ leh we stop all de arguments an’ disputes.
Dis drumroll now rivallin’ de Energizer Bunny, it gine on an’ on an’ . . . .
Whoevah get in, I gine still got to grapple wid de food an’ utility prices, so um is all peace wid me. Somebody got to rule an’ as far as I concern, um is six o’ one an’ half dozen o’ de ethuh. Wuh yuh say?
Tek care o’ yuhself
Yuh frien’ Babsie