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What’s Trending: PM calls elections

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What’s Trending: PM calls elections

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.
Nation online readers yesterday welcomed the news that the date for the next General Election has been set.
Prime Minister Freundel Stuart announced yesterday evening that Barbadians will be heading to the polls on February 21.
Many of our readers have been commenting on the announcement.
Melissa Brome: “Now the power has been handed back to the people. It is time for the electorate to speak but I caution you think before you vote – the future of Barbados is on the line and leadership is key. We must responsible keep it clean and let’s have a great elections. God bless Barbados!”
Julianne Springer: “We all have to live on this island together. It makes no sense tearing down each other. Can’t you see that is the plan? Please pray for whoever will take over. It won’t be easy either way. We are in a worldwide crisis and Barbados is not unique in this regard.”
Dave Payne: “ ‘bout time. I hope Barbadians going to vote…”
Margaret Ross: “It’s official! May the best candidate win!”
Sandra Brathwaite-Sealy: “God is in control.”
Frank Husbands: “Thanks finally. However, too much ‘tom foolery’ was played with this date. We all will see soon what is written in the stone.”
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