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Sister worried about missing brother

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Sister worried about missing brother

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LINDA HARPER IS looking for her brother.
She said William Davis, 46, of Redman’s Village, is missing and she just wants some peace of mind.
However, Harper’s case is a little unusual as she said the last time she set eyes on her brother was six years ago.
“I last saw him on the back of a truck heading towards Britton’s Hill. I shouted him and he stopped and we talked,”  she said.
Harper said her brother’s face sported numerous cuts. She said Davis was  a heavy drinker and speculated he must have fallen when he was drunk. She said she cautioned him about his drinking and they parted ways.
Harper, who lives in Wotton, Christ Churcha, said she never used to see Davis on a regular basis but it was unusual to not see him for so long. She said she had made a police report last year and had approached the National Insurance Scheme for an identification photo as she had no such photo of her own. However, she said she was unsuccessful.
“They told me only the police could  get that photo so I contacted District B about it but they haven’t gotten back  to me,” she said.
Harper said she had no number for her brother but visited his home only to find the roof missing and the inside destroyed by the elements. She said he was not married and had no children, adding she was his only sibling out of ten who shared both parents with him.
Wednesday would have been  Davis’ birthday.
“I would like him to call me and tell me where he is or if he is not alive, I just want to put an ending to all this,” she said.  (CA)