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Vauxhall one-stop car shop

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Vauxhall one-stop car shop

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ONE OF THE BEST places you can take your car for an expert paint job and tune up appears to be in Vauxhall, Christ Church.
There, in a yard at the end of a cul-de-sac, one would find a small group of men who will make sure that you walk away satisfied with a job well done.
What is interesting is that not all of them actually work there full time; some only go for the experience and to help out.
Jason Toppin is one of them. He works at B’s Bottle Depot but on evenings, can be found among the vehicles.
“Since the old man learn me I want to do everything he does so when I leave work I come here to help out as I don’t have anything else to do anyway,” he said.
Toppin was working on his own car when Street Beat passed by but he said he also worked on other people’s cars as well. He said he was replacing the chassis.
“I does enjoy myself with the old people. I feel a lot more comfortable here,” he added.
One of the “old people” he mentioned is Aldane King. A retiree, he said he works on cars almost as a hobby and lends his expertise to the youth in the area. King, who is retired, revealed why he would rather come out and work than stay at home.
“It is very important to teach something you learn yourself so when you’re gone, someone can continue on,” he said.
King said he moved to Vauxhall in 2000 after hearing about the availability of land from a friend. It was also a friend who told him about 2nd Avenue Vauxhall. He said the area was cool and peaceful.
“The mango tree and the coolness pull me out here. Plus I like how it is quiet and cool here [in general]. Everybody lives like brother and sister,” he said.
McDonald King is another elder who likes to breeze at the car spot. He said he came to chat and play dominoes with the men.
“Young and old come here; sometimes there can be more than 15 people out here. The environment is good and the people very friendly,” he said.
King said he had been a Vauxhall resident for 20 years, adding the area was drastically different from back then. He said roads had been paved, street lights erected, speed bumps put down and areas de-bushed.
Entertainer Adrian Clarke is another face seen often in the area. Though not a Vauxhall resident, he said this was the only place for him to get his car painted.
“I’m always out here. When I need a proper paint job I come here; there are good men here. The fellas out here saved my car already so why not come back?” he said. (CA)