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Hope for sinners

Cheryl Harewood

Hope for sinners

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“HE WHO is without sin cast the first stone.”
So said Jesus in John Chapter 8: verse 7, when the Pharisees found a woman caught in the act of adultery and brought her before Jesus to be stoned to death.
It was also the statement repeated over and over again by international evangelist Reinhard Bonnke during the recent service of “blessing and spiritual renewal” at the gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex.
Attended by thousands from various walks of life, the more than three-hour long service was also filled with special ministry in song, dance, music, spontaneous worship and praise.
Bonnke said God loves sinners; He died to save sinners, and “it is His will for all mankind to be saved.”
He described the Pharisees’ accusation as a trap, since they wanted to see if Jesus was going to respond, as the Law of Moses commanded, by having this woman stoned, or, if he was going to send her away guiltless, since he was known to be a friend of sinners.
“The Pharisees had to retreat. That moment when Jesus said who is without sin cast the first stone, they saw the Ten Commandments flashed before them and they knew they too were guilty of all ten,” he said.
Bonnke added “all mankind is guilty of some sin – whether great or small”.
“Size does not matter with God. You can have forgiveness for your biggest sin, but you also need forgiveness for your smallest sin. If you are a “small sinner” and do not receive Jesus, your small sin can take you to Hell. If you are a big sinner and accept Jesus Christ, you are on your way to Heaven,” the evangelist said.
He added: “There was only one person in the crowd that day not guilty of sin; that was Jesus Christ. He had the right to pick up the first stone and throw it into the face of that woman and the hypocritical Pharisees.   However, Jesus did not come to throw stones at anyone. He did not come to condemn or destroy the world but to save the world.
“When that woman landed at Jesus’ feet she looked up to Him and he looked down at her. When she looked into His eyes she had the shock of her life. For the first time in her life she looked into sinless eyes and began to weep.”
At Bonnke’s invitation, scores of people – including children – later walked the aisles of the packed auditorium to give their lives over to God.
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