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What’s Trending: Voters warned

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What’s Trending: Voters warned

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The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados.
Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s warning to voters not to be taken in by power-seeking politicians bent on creating impressions, had our online readers buzzing. Here are some of their comments.
Carl Harper: “A Proud Record of Achievements?” Where? When? Certainly not during that dreaded period between 1986 and 1994 when we were in the clutches of the IMF…and definitely not over the past five years of gross mismanagement. DLP politicians should hang their heads in shame as they spread drivel and propaganda every night across this nation, disturbing people night’s rest, while trying to defend a lousy performance record. In 2008 the people elected a power-seeking DLP to manage the country’s affairs and within three years were expressing great disappointment. And by 2013, we have a fiscal crisis on our hands, never before seen since the early 1990s DLP government.
Philip Matthews: THE BLP is not power hungry . Who went into a sixth year without an election? The Economy of Barbados cannot take any more beating by the DLP, it is nearly dead.
David Hall: The DLP platform knows absolutely nothing about managing an economy . Not even in the good times. The   Barrow and Sandiford Administrations made a mess of the economy between 1986-94. I still recall when the people threw them out and Arthur came in the same supposedly “hostile climate” and turned things around restoring cut wages and creating new Jobs.
Frank Husbands: The Bees approach to this campaign seems to have been strategically planned for the maximum exposure thus far. The Dems public awareness approach on the other hand seem lame in comparison. The BLP obviously going after the jugular. The Dees campaign doesn’t so far have the vivaciousness found with Owen’s party. In my opinion at this stage the DLP don’t seem serious about winning or totally underestimating their opposition. I predict that if it continues this way it is going to a be a white wash with even Mr Stuart losing his seat.

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