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Blackbelly sheep project in the works

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Blackbelly sheep project in the works

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THE latest project to try to capitalize on the Barbados Blackbelly sheep has been launched.
The Improving The Sustainability Of The Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Industry In Barbados Project was launched yesterday at Pelican Craft Village on the Princess Alice Highway, with the unveiling of the Barbados Blackbelly sheep logo. The project is a joint effort by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the Canadian High Commission and the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation.
In the long run, it is hoped that Barbados will one day produce and export not only premium cuts but also leather goods made from these indigenous animals.
Minister of Industry and Small Business Denis Kellman said the Blackbelly sheep was a “national treasure” and could be used to create specialty shoes that could aid diabetic patients. (CA)