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Dems to launch manifesto tonight

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Dems to launch manifesto tonight

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THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY (DLP) is launching two key elements of its election campaign tonight at the National Cultural Foundation’s car park, West Terrace, St James, at 7 p.m.
They are the party’s manifesto, titled Continuing On The Pathway To Progress, and the radio station Dems Again 93.9 FM, which will be in operation for the last seven days of the campaign.
Campaign team member Ronald Jones told a Press conference at the party’s George Street headquarters that the manifesto would be a continuation of some of the policies and programmes in the 2008-2013 document.
“It is a 56-page document that builds on the success of the previous five years. That’s what we’ve done, because we don’t fragment our manifestos. There are agenda items in the manifesto of 2008 to 2013 that link right to this . . . . The manifesto of 2008/2013 is an unfinished agenda, so therefore it becomes part of a continuing agenda of which the 2013/2018 manifesto is part.”
Even though there was a continuation, Jones, candidate for Christ Church East Central, insisted that the new manifesto was a “fresh” document, speaking to new themes, ideas and policies.
General secretary George Pilgrim explained that Dems Again 93.9 FM would not have announcers and be on air for 24 hours a day. It was strictly for broadcasting party meetings – at least two per night.
Jones said the radio station was another way of incorporating more technology into the process.
“There are some people who can’t come out, some people who might not have access to the computer to do streaming. So the FM station gives them an opportunity to also share with us in that particular arena,” Jones added. (YB)