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Nurses and the role of a priest

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

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All ye who seek for sure relief,In trouble and distress,Whatever sorrow vex the mind,Or guilt the soul oppress.Jesus, Who gave Himself for you,Upon the Cross to die,Opens to you His sacred Heart;O to that Heart draw nigh.  
– Hymn 112 Ancient & Modern: Verses 1 and 2
Last Monday, for the first time in my 33 years as an Anglican priest, I had an experience that left me feeling as though I was rejected.
It came about while I was doing my regular hospital visit to the sick. On my first visit to this particular ward, I met a certain nurse. I greeted her very politely and gave her the name of the patient – who I did not know. Then I was told that the patient was having breakfast and she, the nurse, would have to find out if the patient wanted to see me (which I found unusual). 
I told her I would visit other patients and come back – which I did. On my return I met another nurse who told me the same thing.  
After that experience, I decided to leave. What a pity!
I must make it very clear that I was dressed as a clergyman as I always am on such occasions, so there couldn’t be the excuse of not recognizing me as a priest.
In my entire ministry, I have ministered to all types of people who were in various states of sickness.
The whole experience left me wondering if those nurses really understand the role of a priest. Since then,I have learnt that the person was expecting me.
I do remember some years ago while visiting at the same hospital, a doctor took me to another ward to pray for a patient, which I did.
There are also nurses in that same hospital who have taken me to other wards to pray for people I did not know. Thanks to God, that patient is still alive.
I would like to assure the public that prayer does work.
To those who deal with the public: you must show mercy and compassion more often.
Harvest festival
Dunscombe Moravian Church, Spring Farm, St Thomas, invites the public to its harvest festival on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. Host pastors are Reverends Ezra Parris and Movelle Kellman.
Moravians will also be observing and celebrating their Church Officers’ Retreat and March of Witness events on March 2 and 3, respectively. The keynote speaker will be Rev. Dr Courtroy Jarvis, chairman of the EWI Province.
The Lenten Day Retreat will be held tomorrow at Codrington College. This year’s theme for reflection is Fast Of The Past, In The Present And In The Future For Spiritual And Physical Wellness. Spiritual director will be Canon Henderson Guy.
The retreat is for both clergy and laity. Participants can register at the Diocesan Office.