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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Tempers flare on hill

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Tempers flare on hill

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Sparks flew at a meeting on a spot overlooking a hill recently.
Witnesses say that the playing of the National Anthem was abruptly cut short before the meeting began and a certain gentleman who felt he had been “messed up” went to air his grievances to the man in charge.
Instead of getting a listening ear, the man was ordered out of the office in a not-too-polite manner. He ended up walking out with his tail between his legs and the politico on his heels.
Comedy in the campaign?
The story of an attempt by an opposing politico to move a tree following an accident in an urban constituency had listeners howling with laughter on the campaign trail.
So the story goes: the politico hired a truck and chainsaw operator to try to remove the tree before anyone representing the insurance company and owners of the land could arrive and take photographs or do an analysis.
For one who should understand the law, the removal of the tree would have been tantamount to tampering with the evidence.
But the one telling the story said he himself saved the day by warning the workman not to touch the tree, since it could have ruined any chance of the injured parties getting a cent in compensation.
The truck left the scene and later got involved in a fender-bender with two cars on a nearby hill.
Rum shop politics
Who is the political wannabe who has been spending hours daily in a popular shop drinking rum and eating greasy pork chops?
Is this his way of making an impact in the constituency?
People want to know how he gets time to attend to his profession.
So familiar a sight has he become in the rum shop that someone spoke of seeing him serving drinks there.
No wonder some of his own colleagues told him he was “not ready”!