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Watson calls for lifestyle change

Heather-Lynn Evanson

Watson calls for lifestyle change

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Unless the asteroid that passed last Friday had gone off course and had hit Earth, the next disaster to the planet will still be caused by Man.
This was the prediction of self-confessed “tree-hugger” Dr Karl Watson, as he spoke about the impact of people on the island’s natural habitat and on Earth in general.
Speaking at the Barbados National Trust Open House programme at eco-friendly home Sugar Water, Apes Hill, St James, last Wednesday, the historian and ornithologist warned and exhorted those present to embrace renewable energy and to change their lifestyles.
He said climate change was a reality and given that the future of the planet looked  “dicey”, it was people “with a foresight to realize that the day of fossil fuels are over” who would help shape the planet’s future.

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