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Infants cast vote

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Infants cast vote

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THE ELECTION RESULTS are in and the Greenidge Nursery Party has defeated the Nurse Nursery Party.
This election was held exclusively at the Ellerton Primary School’s infants section on Tuesday.
The project was the brainchild of nursery teachers Lisa Greenidge and Shari Nurse. Greenidge said it was a social studies simulation designed to teach the children how elections were held in Barbados.
“Two candidates were nominated yesterday [Monday] and spoke to the whole school about what they wanted to see changed at the school such as a play park for the main school and more milk from the School Meals Department,” she said.
The candidates were nursery school students Shaunte Gill, three years old and Darre’on Griffin, four years old.
Greenidge said while the candidates interacted with the entire school, only the infants department voted. This department is made up of eight classes from nursery up to Infants B, compromising about 100 pupils.
Greenidge said polling stations were set up and a voting system implemented using crayons where a red X signified Griffin and a blue X signified Gill. In the end, it was the red party which won with 64 votes.
Principal Donna Allman said she was pleased to involve the students in the election process and with the nursery school teachers for their innovative idea.
She said teachers and students had fun, adding it was the first time she had ever seen a school stage a mock election in such a manner. (CA)