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Sinckler shores up a win

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Sinckler shores up a win

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The figures added up as expected for former Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler in the St Michael North West Constituency.
From the first box counted Sinckler, of the Democratic Labour Party held a commanding lead only falling short in three boxes.
He beat first timer Nicholls of the Barbados Labour Party in all of the others for a cumulative count of 2549 to Nicholls’  1634. There were 26 spoilt votes.
Over an hour before the announcement was made several jubilant party supporters gathered outside the locked gate at Ellerslie Secondary School anxiously awaiting the results, bellowing out intermittent screams, as it became absolutely apparent that Sinckler had won.
The two time winner told the WEEKEND NATION that the DLP had performed very well. “When you consider we have been and where we came from and where people thought we would have come from say in 2011/12 and all of the polls predicting resolute defeat for the Democratic Labour Party to have gotten to the stage to potentially win the government, which we never doubted is a remarkable achievement and it shows that the public has accepted the defence of the party.”
Of the latest Cadres poll. Sinckler said he had every respect for Wickham and his work. “I think he has called most elections right if not all that he has done and I think we have to respect that.”
And as to if he would want to retain his high profile portfolio, Sinckler stated: “If we win that is for the Prime Minister to decide.”