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113 and going strong

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113  and going strong

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The world’s second oldest man, Barbadian James Sisnett, turned 113 yesterday and marked the milestone surrounded by generations of his family.
Seven of Sisnett’s eight children, and another four generations of nieces, nephews and cousins from Barbados and abroad joined friends to toast the super centenarian at a family luncheon at the Brown Sugar Restaurant where the former blacksmith and sugar factory engineer sipped a brandy in his wheelchair.
Sisnett’s eldest child, Everine Lett Carter, who flew in from the United States for the occasion, said she was “very proud and happy to have him alert mentally although he is a little weak in the body.”
Carter said when she called her father at Ocean View Nursing home, where he resides, to enquire what he wanted to do for his birthday, he was definite in his request to be “taken out”. She added that she and the family were delighted to accede since it was “a privilege to have him reach 113, and he can communicate with us and say what his desires are.”(GC)