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Braggart turns church mouse

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Braggart turns church mouse

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ALL THE TALK around the town is about the loud-mouthed braggart who got the wind knocked out of his sails this past general election. 
He started out as usual with a lot of noise near the Careenage, easily heard from Grazettes to Bayland, with many people describing his contribution there as being worse than the sometimes foul-smelling water.
But the big letdown was when he put his foot down his mouth and the skipper slapped him down. 
He was hardly seen or heard again and was generally ignored from that time and even when looking outto Carlisle Bay from the best open window to the sea on that night when everyone saw red, there he was, all alone and like a church mouse.
Fourth former bully 
YET ANOTHER BULLY has surfaced at a rural secondary school. He showed his indecent behaviour at the recent school sports on February 19.
The joker, who is a fourth former, saw another boy, one year his senior with a pair of shades and demanded them. Of course, the senior ignored the request and received a slap to his face from the bully. The senior returned with a back hand slap and thought the matter had ended there.
Can you imagine that the bully, who is from St Philip, gathered a group of other boys from his hometown, some who don’t even go to school, to lie in wait for the senior, who is from Christ Church.
The senior, fearing for his life, ran back into the school and was eventually taken home by a teacher. Since this school was already lost a young life because of the actions of a bully, students are hoping that management moves with haste to deal with this situation.
Cantankerous visitor
 SOME PEOPLE just like trouble. 
And when they are big-ups and feel that they are untouchable, they just go out of their way to create mischief. 
This is how some people are describing the behaviour of a cantankerous woman visiting the island. 
Her churlish behaviour was clearly  exhibited one evening last week when she went into a group flouncing up herself, talking loud and even dropping stupid remarks. 
A number of people who witnessed the incident on the west of the island felt she did not dignify her position and questioned whether the recent change in climate had affected her.