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Can politico pay his debt

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Can politico pay his debt

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NOW THAT a certain politico has lost his seat, will he be able to pay his debt?

This man is said to be so cheap that he prefers discomfort over comfort and has been stooping low when it comes to paying a man who made him look picture perfect.

The poor man apparently ran him down for almost two years for the $400 owed but to no avail. He finally confronted him at a political meeting. But all the man got was a lot of cheap talk. Apparently the politico pulled out a $20 bill and told the man things tight, so he would have to pay him piece by piece.

Sexuality challenged

PEOPLE attending a political meeting in St Michael found it quite disturbing when a certain politician said his opponent was questioning his sexuality.

People in the audience visibly cringed as he declared that he was the better-looking man before asking the women who they would choose between him and the opponent.

He should have really kept quiet about the matter because someone shouted out that the difference between him and his adversary was that he liked the drag queens and the other man liked the real thing. 

Eyes to the east

ALL EYES are on the east as the people look to see whether a man will jump off the SS Grand Ole Lady. 

The waters are choppy and he may not like the direction the ship is sailing in and is known not to have a lot of faith in the skipper.

 Already one of his comrades, David the Lion Heart, has stated that he should abandon ship and seek safe shelter in Carlisle Bay with the other captain who likes to talk about his proud African roots.The only thing which may be holding him back is his lady friend, to whom he is totally loyal.

Defiant doctor

A CERTAIN MEDICAL PRACTITIONER may be defiant about going back to the classroom to keep abreast of his specialized area after being ordered to do so.

From all indications, he no longer fancies himself as a specialist and has now ventured into the realm of administrator. 

His colleagues, who have always treated him with mistrust, are not surprised that he has decided to put down his stethoscope. They believe that, given his very healthy relationship with a certain powerful man, his credentials will no longer fall under the microscope.