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Concern about SHaW compliance

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Concern about  SHaW compliance

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THE BARBADOS EMPLOYERS’ CONFEDERATION (BEC) remains concerned that it may take a while for a number of employers to fully comply with the stipulations set out in the recently proclaimed Safety And Health At Work Act, commonly known as SHaW.
“Employers do have an obligation under the Safety And Health At Work Act to provide a safe working environment. One of our challenges is to ensure that employers are complying,” BEC executive director Tony Walcott said during the launch of a Walk the Talk: 10 000 Steps to Wellness programme last week.
He said workshops on occupational health and safety for employers were being conducted in an effort to get more of them to comply promptly.“We would have had about 100 health and safety professionals going through the programmes,” he said, noting that the workshops started last week.
“So we do take it seriously and we do encourage employers to come on board so we can take them through the process of being compliant with the Safety And Health At Work Act. It has been in effect since January 31 this year so it is not something that may happen. It is something that is with us right now.” (MM)