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Early shock at Shell

Yvette Best

Early shock at Shell

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A DAREDEVIL SCENE of Hollywood proportions was played out on Black Rock main road in St Michael yesterday morning.
It was just about 11 a.m. when a customer attendant at the Shell Service Station saw a man, known as Ben, running towards the station from the nearby Channel Supermarket and went on immediate alert.
No sooner had Nicketta Langhorne ran through the door to warn her colleagues on the inside than Ben shattered the top glass of the door with a punch, opened it and walked in.
“I ran to the back but [by the] time we get to the back, he took up the snacks and start eating  . . . . He eat it, throw it dey. And then he faking like if he falling down, get back up [and said] he want a coke,” Langhorne recounted.