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FULL STORY: Secret sex parties

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FULL STORY: Secret sex parties

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Barbadians are reported to be flocking to a private sex club on the island where they must have a costume, a mask and a password to gain admittance.
Known as House of Spartacus (HOS),?the club organizes exclusive masked orgies at private locations every three months.
From the details the organizers appear to be mimicking the erotic and graphic sex film Eyes Wide Shut.
Persons can become members by liking the club’s Facebook page but before they are invited to a party, guests also have to go through a rigorous screening process and have to be 18 and older.
On its Facebook page House of Spartacus describes its parties as “epic unforgettable private masquerade by invitation only. A party like no other – private masquerade toga house party for bold, fun and daring individuals. Lots of games, competitions and activities when you’re inside the HOS. Gladiators and slave girls will willingly serve you.”
The page specifically states: “Informers can’t enter. What happens in the House stays in the House.”
 A young man who has been to some of the parties since HOS?came on the scene about a year ago told the WEEKEND?NATION?that it was a no holds barred sex party which involved partner swapping and gay sex. 
“No one knows who the organizers are. On the night of the party they contact you via Facebook or text message, giving you directions to the location and giving you a pass code.
“Men and women are allowed up to two partners each but it has to be either two women or two men. When you get to the location you have to produce your ticket and pass code. You can bring your own mask or one will be provided. As soon as you enter you have to take off your clothes and you will be given a wrap to tie around your waist.”
The young man said he recognized some of the faces behind the masks and there were people from all walks of life, as he mentioned a well known high-flying couple.
He pointed out that there were usually a lot of competitions for prizes such as deep throat contests, role playing, oral competitions, bondage and sexual games such as last man standing and three on one.
“It is a lot of fun. They usually have competitions where a woman or a man has to kiss several people and they will get a prize if they answer which one was their boyfriend or girlfriend,” he joyously explained.
He added:?“The party usually gets swinging around 11 p.m. and finishes around 4 a.m. You can go off in different rooms and do your own thing or participate in whatever group activity is going on in the room. The bar is packed with free alcohol and condoms.”
Early bird tickets are $100 while regular tickets are between $120 and $150.
Members can also win tickets and other prizes by submitting true, erotic stories to HOS.
The parties are usually held around major calendar events.
A police source who admitted that he was not aware that such parties were being held said he would have to research the laws but he did not believe there was anything illegal about them if it involved consenting adults.
He also could not say if HOS?had applied to police for a licence to hold the parties.