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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Constituents blue vex

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

FLYING FISH & COU COU: Constituents blue vex

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People in a certain constituency are angry because their man did not get a top pick after saving the day.
They were hoping he could get hold of the Ministry of Housing or the Urban Development Commission so that he could get jobs for them.
They even contended that if he was placed in agriculture, as that goes along with Water Resources, then he would be able to get a few jobs for some of them in those areas too.
But now he seems to be back where he was, it means they again will get none of the fatted calf.
But a detractor and operative for the other side suggests that despite all the long talk about a ministry, it suits this particular person perfectly not to have a ministry, since he gets a decent salary from the full-time job, plus another good one doing the political job.
The operative is saying that when you combine these two salaries it is much more than a minister could ever hope to make and without the stress. So this man is way better off not getting a “big pick”.
Not rewarded
A man who went cap in hand begging for a pick has not even been considered for anything other than chairmanship of a board. And he does not like it one bit!
This man, who describes it as the worst of all times, feels that, given his showing in a recent event, he should not be cast aside like some old, used minibus tyre.
He feels his best efforts lie ahead of him and he just needs the right signals being sent for him to secure success.
Cou Cou was, however, told that the “Big Man” was not favourable to any other suggestion as this time. And, given how resolute he was, the individual had to withdraw his request and meekly leave the place.
Cash for votes
Would you believe that a certain someone was seen on a particular day and time in a place where a lot of money was said to have been given out?
Would you believe that though this person never spoke directly to the people who got the money that one of his hangers-on was seen in a position where he could have been involved with the distribution of the cash?
And would you believe that the “Big Boss” may have heard about this and though he doesn’t like it can’t do a thing about it, as he needs this individual’s support to run things?
Would you believe too that this may be a case where all the power in the world means nothing as one individual who feels slighted in any way can upset the whole apple cart?
True, True, True.
Politics of exclusion
Celebrations were brought to an early halt recently after adjustments were made to a certain royal list.
The list of names had made its way to the desk of the boss man who, upon reviewing it, decided that one name should be struck off and replaced by the name of one of his pals.
By then news of who had made the A list was out and calls of congrats were being made.
However, one individual whose name was on the original list was told that he was no longer up for consideration because of his association with a man who recently had a painfully close call. Instead, a man with less experience but closer ties with the decision-maker is likely to gallop off with the prized.
The boss man apparently did not like the idea of the man being friendly with the thorn in his side.               
But those who move in the same circle are outraged that someone who has not paid his dues is being rewarded simply because of whom he knows while another is being penalized for the same reason.