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What’s Trending:Claims of discrimination in Barbados

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What’s Trending:Claims of discrimination in Barbados

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.
The Shanique Myrie case currently being heard before the Caribbean Court of Justice in Jamaica is getting quite a bit of attention from our online readers.
On Day 2 of the hearing yesterday, Jamaican lawyers said they would be presenting evidence to show that Jamaicans have been discriminated against when visiting this country.
Our readers had a lot to say on the issue.
Gail Jewell: “If she was treated unfairly then she should be vindicated, Simple!”
Richard RC Daniel: “I wonder if the powers that be have visited our Prison to see how many non-Barbadians are residing there mainly for attempting to import illegal drugs into Barbados.”
Ryan Kellman: “:Of course Jamaicans are refused entry the most in Barbados. They are refused entry the most in every country. Their fault. That’s why they have to get visas to go everywhere. They will soon need visas to reenter Jamaica. I got Jamaican friends so don’t think I don’t like Jamaicans but they bring things on themselves.”
Raymond Jones: “For years Barbadians have been mistreating other Caribbean nationals. We all know about the bench for Guyanese nationals at your airport.”
Derek A Corbin: “The case is about a woman’s claim that she was mistreated at Barbados’ main port of entry. Whether she was British, Guyanese, Jamaican or Barbadian she deserves a fair trial.”
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