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DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t respect my father or mother

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t respect my father or mother

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Dear Christine,
THANK?YOU for your advice to all. February was the month of love but I felt no love.
I am a teenager who has been bitten by bad love bugs and find men to be very disrespectful. We women seem to be so gullible and then men seem to take us for doormats.
I would never like to bring children into this world. Men never want to take care of their own. Most women spend their lives being mistreated and abused sexually, physically and verbally.
I grew up with a father who destroyed our electric plugs, hid burners to the stove, refused to support me and my siblings and threatened to kill my mother and all of us.
He would drink alcohol and use drugs to enhance his body. They made him crazy.
He used weapons and words to try to harm my mother and would bad-talk her name to anyone he met, saying they divorced because she was a whore.
However, it was his abuse of her that caused their separation. Well, they are now finally divorced. All my life they went through a back-and-forth relationship – court, police, and moving from place to place.
My life has been a big trial.
My mum and I always got into disagreements and I moved to live with this same abusive father. He decided to bring his woman and her children to live in a one-bedroom apartment, so I started to sleep at friends.
I became mixed up with all types of people.
I got tattoos, piercings, and my mum was mad. However, who is she to tell me how to live my life? She did not make good choices. Look who she got married to! A raging, hateful bull with no love.
He is counting the days [until] he would no longer have to give me maintenance. What a father! He thinks I respect him, but I don’t. He is not a proper father and shows no remorse for his bad behaviour.
In fact, he goes around telling people I am a whore just like my mum.
I don’t respect my mum either. She was too weak and stuck with a man who treated her like dirt. She does not care what he says when he bad-talks her to his mother and  strangers. He is a liar and treats all women with disrespect.
The two people who should love and protect me failed me and I feel like I don’t belong in this world. I have had some thoughts of leaving, but so far I am still here.
I am sad and depressed. I can’t even get a job and be happy, because the men who employ you are always looking for more than you want to give. I feel helpless and unwanted.
Why should I live in this world with so much negative energy? I am afraid I may not make it in this world.
My mum tells me she tries, but I do not respect or believe in her love. She has made so many bad choices. I used to attend church with her but I don’t feel very comfortable there. I don’t fit in anywhere. My life is a lost and I only meet people who feel the same way.
I seem to attract bad vibes. I thank you for your time. I’m a sad and depressed teen, feeling down and out.
– S.D.T.
Dear S.D.T.,
Your letter is one of the saddest I have read for a very long time. I have tried reaching you at the contact numbers you have provided but have been unsuccessful up to the time of sending this letter to be printed.
It is not my intention to respond to you publicly. I would rather meet with you face to face.
However, I am printing your letter so that people who want to help you in a professional capacity with job offers or financially can do so by contacting our office at 430-5494 or 430-5470 anytime today (Thursday).
Meanwhile, I will continue to try making contact with you or seek you out at the address you’ve given.
Please hang in there. I know there is some measure of light at the end of your dark tunnel.