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CJ: Retrain workers

Natasha Beckles

CJ: Retrain workers

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Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson has identified what he says is a “mini crisis” in the public sector, where younger, more qualified professionals are moving ahead of their older, longer-serving counterparts.
And while he said this was causing morale problems, he suggested that the “easy” solution was for older workers to retrain and retool.
Speaking during the Barbados Association of Office Professionals’ recent annual conference at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, he noted that for a long time public sector workers were promoted based on length of service.
“The problem is that since the enactment of the Public Service Act 2007, length of service is important because you cannot ignore the experiential component to a person’s value in an organization but now for people like myself who have to sit on interview panels, we’re required to look at qualifications,” he said.