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PM’s praise for Sir Branford

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

PM’s praise for Sir Branford

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has described Sir Branford Taitt as the man responsible for maintaining the highest standards of parliamentary behaviour in Barbados, as well as revolutionizing this country’s important health sector in a stellar tenure of public life.
The comments were made in the House of Assembly today, as tributes flowed from both Government and Opposition benches for the former minister and President of the Senate, who was laid to rest last Saturday.
Stuart described Sir Branford as one who possessed a “vigour and determination” fully suited for service to the people, which many strived to attain, but never reached.
The Prime Minister also commended Sir Branford for restructuring and modernizing the administrative processes of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), after being hand-picked by Father of Independence, Errol Walton Barrow.
According to Stuart, it was no small feat that Barrow had chosen a young Sir Branford, 27 at the time, to be Barbados’ consul general to New York.
“He [Taitt] signalled early that he had a special contribution to make to public life and the public affairs of Barbados,” the Prime Minister told MPs.
Stuart added that on his return to Barbados after an exemplary career in New York, Sir Branford then singled himself out for more accolades, as Minister of Trade, Industry and Commerce.
But the Prime Minister left the most glowing tribute to Sir Branford for his time spent as Minister of Health between 1986 and 1994.
More tributes will be carried in tomorrow’s MIDWEEK NATION