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Young ladies should not trust this man

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Young ladies should not trust this man

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Dear Christine,
I am writing to you because when something is wrong, it is wrong. It hurts when you are a mother and others ill-treat people’s children. Some people are so ungrateful after all the good that others do for them. But God is not sleeping.
There’s a young man who worked within . . . and lives in . . . Christ Church. He does not know how to treat those who were good to him.
He was in trouble for about four years and was helped by a young woman who saw him through his trials and got him back on his feet. Now, he has turned his back on her and has a new set of friends who were of no help to him all those years when he was unemployed.
He’s also now back to his old ways – carrying woman after woman into his house. Some of them also sleep in and leave between 4.a.m. and 6:30 a.m.
 This man tells so many lies and always tries to impress others out there. He should not be taken at face value or by the way he dresses. He does not care about anyone but himself.
He does not even support his children and always wants to curse others when they speak to him for his good; even those at his work place. He used to drive a . . . jeep or a . . . car which belongs to a woman he says is his friend. This woman is always at his house – even when he is not at home.
Christine, if this man meets a woman for the first time, by the next day that person is his friend or he would say, “I knew her from before.”
He also went to a cruise in Barbados late last year and met a young lady who drives a purple car with registration number  . . .
Woman, beware of this man. He has other women besides you. Ask him about the big lady with the wagon and the red car, or the young girl who has not yet lost her mother’s features.
This man is a known liar. That is why none of the mothers of his children are with him today. He loves to use women.
So woman with the purple car, get out of this relationship with this man. He is dishonest. Keep your money and do not lend him any. He tells too many lies to those who are young and others who are old enough to be his father or grandmother.
I am a mother of six and it hurts me to see how he behaves. I do not see the young woman who helped him anymore, but I will always pray for her.
– KH
Dear KH,
Your letter leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It probably will do the same with others.
How can you know so much about this man? Are you a fly on the wall – even at his workplace so much so that you know what he does or does not do there?
And how would you know that women leave his house at 4 a.m? Are you up at that time peeping to see what this man is doing? Are you a watchman?
What this man does in his house is his business. And if the women are foolish enough to let him walk over them, that’s their business. I’m sure they know better.
I suggest that you stop prying into this man’s life. As a mother of six there are better things you can do with your life on a daily basis.
If you’re praying for the young woman whom you refer to in the letter, also pray that God will help you to find something better to do with your time and energy.
Pray for the man too. If he is as bad as you say he is, he should be first on your prayer list.
Persons such as yourself are not as sympathetic as you want to appear. You usually stir up trouble, ruin someone else’s life and reputation and then keep watching to see how everything unfolds.
I’m not condoning this man’s behaviour, but I think it’s time you mind your own business . . . especially if you’re praying in the process.