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DEAR CHRISTINE: He still isn’t ready to get married

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: He still isn’t ready to get married

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Dear Christine,
I have been in love with a man for the past eight years. We got engaged in 2009 and every six months or so he would tell me to pick a date for the wedding. That’s as far as it would ever go.
When I realized he was not the marrying kind, I broke off the engagement and asked him to leave my house.
Now, one and a half years later, he wants to come back. However, when I told him it would be a different going down and asked him if he was ready to marry, he told me a woman in my district had told him I have a man who visits me and he is not the only one.
Christine, I told him if he is looking to gossip with a lawless woman or have people in my district spying on me, he does not deserve me.
Do you think there is a future for me with this man? Don’t you think if he had any intention of marrying me he would have done so a long time ago?
– B
Dear B,
No, I don’t think you will have a great future with this man. The answer to your second question is yes.
If he was keen on marrying you, he would have done so long ago.
Eight years is a long time to be in love with someone without any official commitment – especially when that person is already living under the same roof as you.
I believe he may be using the gossip story to make you feel guilty and have a reason for not moving back in – only because you have once again brought up the subject of marriage.
In any case, he’s been away for over a year and what you’ve done during that time is not his business.
Let it stay that way – unless, of course, he is serious about marriage.
The way things look, I can tell you quite plainly that he’s not.