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Sagicor between lot and hard place

Maria Bradshaw

Sagicor between lot and hard place

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Not even?a million dollars is enough to entice a rastafarian family to move off the land on which they have been squatting for more than three decades.
The family of 23 are living in five shanty dwellings on 8.38 acres of undeveloped land next to the upscale Fort George Heights, St Michael, and have refused to move despite the generous offer from the land owner Sagicor Life Inc. to pay them close to $1.6 million.
Judy Phillips, her 11 children, 11 grand-children and one great-grand child are living “comfortably” on land which is said to be valued at close to $7 million, even though they have no water and no electricity.
And they have successfully resisted several attempts by Sagicor to get them off the land.
Attorney at law David Comissiong, who is representing the family, told the WEEKEND?NATION that by virtue of them being on the land for over 30 years they had acquired certain legal rights to it through the Limitation and Prescription Act.

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