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Businessman kept at bay

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Businessman kept at bay

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A BUSINESSMAN who is benefiting from the fatted calf seems either not to understand what “ever so welcome, wait for a call” means, or has totally ignored it, probably thinking such thoughts died with their most ardent proponent.
Maybe that would explain why this man was angling for a spot in a revered place that is usually reserved for those favoured few who either failed to make the grade in the major popularity contest, or those who are being groomed for that contest.
From what Cou Cou was told, this man, who has been getting a fistful of dollars since 2008, asked a certain big-up to place him among the chosen few in that august place. But the person he asked would not budge and he was sent on his merry way.
Those who heard of the incident told Cou Cou that this man should just enjoy the perks of his relationship to a certain key person in the hierarchy and forget his visions of grandeur. In fact, he should keep those visions only for buildings.
They reason that if a good man got bent out of shape begging unsuccessfully to get in that place, how could he?
Send her packing
WORKERS AT A statutory corporation are relating a tale of wastage and woe as two women are now employed to do the same job essentially.
The first is a long-time staffer who is seen and never heard while the other is a recent import who drops names and is always seeking to validate her employment by looking busy whenever she does turn up for work armed with four cellphones.
What has the workers so angry about this particular person’s presence is her unsuitability for the job.
As far as they know, she does not have the paperwork to justify the $10 000 she is said to be raking in monthly for her services.
They concede that the two individuals who were hired in top paying posts and are also known to be close to the present political directorate are at least qualified to hold those jobs. But they question if this individual’s credentials can stand similar scrutiny.
The workers, who told Cou Cou they are both Dems and Bees, want this woman gone as they see her as a classic example of the leakage their organization has become known for. They are saying she is no more than a square peg in a round hole and she should be sacked.
In a quandary
IS IT TRUE that a particular group which has been making waves wants to get out of a project because it no longer is a financially attractive proposition?
The word making the rounds is that though the much-touted project may look good, has received fine reviews and people are quietly showing interest in it, it is not in a position to give the group the needed returns.
And if what Cou Cou is being told is true, then a financial organization may be called upon to help extricate the group from the present deal.
What will be intriguing is the strategy used to allow this group to get out of the project and be replaced by the organization. More on this one later.
Raking in sweets
IT WOULD APPEAR that a certain sidekick is set to rake in big bucks when a deal is consummated soon.
The money will come from the sweetheart deal put in train when this sidekick had influence at a place that is woefully undermanned, underfinanced and underequipped.
However, no one can complain as similar deals are in place with other significant people who work for the same woeful organization.