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Finally met a good man

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Finally met a good man

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EVERY WOMAN WANTS a man who is good-looking, has the means to support her and, most important, one she feels will treat her with respect.
Unfortunately, most of us don’t get men like that. We meet men who do not look the best, usually struggle financially like us and often disrespect us by having other women on us.
That was always the reality for me and most women I know.
Every man I have been involved with has had some issue. If he was good-looking, he often had a child or children from other people or was a womanizer. If he had a home or handled a dollar, he didn’t respect my meagre contribution and was only after his own satisfaction.
And if he was poor like me, he expected to spend his money doing whatever he wanted but still come over to my house with two long, empty hands for food and romance.
Because of these bad experiences I gave up on relationships and told myself I was done with men. I was 37 years old, had two children, and was determined to work and provide for them and me for the rest of my life.
Then something very special happened which totally changed my life. I started going to a church and it was there I met someone who genuinely cared for me.
And today I am a happy woman with a husband who loves and cherishes me. He treats my children as if they were his, and we share our finances like real partners should to ensure we can service our bills and live comfortably together.
As far as I am concerned, God has granted me a final chance for happiness by sending someone He picked for me. He saw my tears, heard my prayers, and because He knew I was a genuine person, He granted me my wish.
I decided to tell my story because I want women who are desperate for love to know that God answers prayers. As He did for me, He will deliver them from their struggling life if they are genuine people.
What every woman needs to realize is that when her intentions for getting into a relationship are based on love and she shares her love honestly but the man mistreats her and the relationship fails, she does not lose anything. It is the man who is the big loser, as he destroyed his chance for happiness with someone who cared about him.
All of my relationships failed for that reason. God saw and sent me a loved one who has in four years erased all of the pain and disappointment I went through.
So my message to all women who want a good man is to be genuine and believe in God. Take your burdens to Him in prayer and He will answer you as he did with me.

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