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Mum: Reopen I’Akobi case


Mum: Reopen I’Akobi case

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STILL TORMENTED by the controversial circumstances surrounding the death of her eldest son, Marguerita Maloney wants the case reopened and reinvestigated by the Royal Barbados Police Force.
“I would do anything to find the truth. The truth is still to be known. I would want to see the police look at everything again and start over. I’m certain my son was murdered,” she told the SUNDAY SUN in an interview from her home in Hutson Alley, Bridgetown.
Her son, I’Akobi Maloney, would have celebrated his 28th birthday today. He died on June 17, 2008, under mysterious circumstances at Land Lock, Cove Bay, St Lucy, where his battered body was pulled from the treacherous waves and ragged rocks.
Police said then that acting on information received, they had approached Maloney at the site to interview him, and he had jumped over the 50-foot cliff to his death.