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Charge vote pimps!

Mike King

Charge vote pimps!

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Reverend?DeVere Murrell wants to know why no one has been brought to justice for the selling of votes in the last general election.
Murrell made this query at the annual church service for the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) marking Public Workers Week 2013, at St Matthias Anglican Church yesterday morning.
“[Funding] has got to come from someone’s bank account. It has to come from someone’s pocket and someone chose to benefit from it,” Murrell said, adding that like the drug trade and cash for gold, only “minnows and mules” were ever caught.
“Is it too much to hope that somewhere, somehow, heads will roll or is that too much hot air?”
Before a congregation that included NUPW president Walter Maloney and general secretary Dennis Clarke, Rev. Murrell said that too many churches had gotten carried away with the “numbers game”.