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Jezebel spirit rebuked

Cheryl Harewood

Jezebel spirit rebuked

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Do not run after stardom and riches while leaving God out of your life. Watch those who have been placed as ambassadors to represent you and pray for your country.
Missionary Melanie Price also told the congregation at Faith Temple Church, led by Pastors Lemuel and Pauline Rawlins, they must not tolerate the Jezebel spirit which has gone out into the world from the shores of Barbados.
The English-based missionary pronounced blessings on the island and its people as she shared a portion of Revelation Chapter 2 – God’s word to the church in Thyatira.
She said Barbados’ legacy as a Christian nation was being eroded and taken over by the Jezebel spirit which, among other things, teaches and seduces children and adults to commit fornication, partake of things offered to idols, and generally live indecent lives.
Stressing that if a Christian is to be an ambassador, he or she must represent Christ in his fullness.
“If I do not look like an ambassador or speak like one, I am not one,” she noted.  
“The spirit of Jezebel is a seducing spirit who creeps into our lives by the way she walks, sings and dances. She is out to rob our children,” Price said.
The veteran missionary said wherever there is a Jezebel spirit, which can be male or female, there is always an Ahab – someone who allows it.
Stressing that our forefathers were worshippers and therefore God blessed this nation, Price noted that the love of Mammon (material things) and riches were taking over the island.
She urged parents not to put their children before God and ensure they show due respect.
“It seems like children are now telling parents what to do [which is part of the Jezebel spirit]. They are asking for material things and it would appear that parents are working to give their children whatever they desire. We need to put an end to this.”
Price called on the congregation to seek God on behalf of the island and encouraged them to turn from their wicked ways so God could heal the land.
During a prayer of declaration, Price prayed, among other things, against the Jezebel spirit; that wisdom would reign in respective communities; that God would raise up godly leaders on the island; for God’s Shekinah glory to be seen in Barbados and that integrity would come back into the house of God.
The early morning service was charged with awesome worship as some members of the congregation fell flat on their faces in reverence and worship of God.