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‘Critical year’ for Commonwealth

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‘Critical year’ for Commonwealth

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MEMBERS of several religions came together for a multi-faith observance for Commonwealth Day hosted by the Barbados branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society at St Michael’s Cathedral Sunday.
Chairperson of the Barbados Branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society, Sandra Seale, said that the celebration of Commonwealth Day was significant because this year Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II signed the Commonwealth Charter, which sets out in detail the goals and objectives in the member states.
Seale said it is significant for the 54 nations of the Commonwealth because for the first time in the Commonwealth’s history, all of the heads of Government of countries involved have a charter that sets out and defines the basic values that the people of the Commonwealth support.
One of the Royal Commonwealth Society’s main objectives, she added, was to promote the increase and diffusion of knowledge respecting the peoples and countries of the Commonwealth. (LK)