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Power Puff pack is no more


Power Puff pack is no more

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BARBADOS’ SELF-ANOINTED Power Puff Girls are no more, their youthful invincibility having been destroyed in a car accident on Sunday that left one of them dead and another hospitalized in serious condition.
Jilisa Ifill, Jalisa Clement and Rachel Pilgrim took that name because their personalities, hair colour and the bond they shared was similar to the cartoon characters.
Blossom was Jilisa, who has red hair; Buttercup was Jalisa whose hair is black, while blonde hair Rachel was Bubbles.
“I came up with the name when we were walking to stats class one day,” recounted Jilisa last night, the other member of the trio who survived the fatal crash. She suggested the name because their hairstyles and personalities were like the fictional characters.