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Tourism worry over crime

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Tourism worry over crime

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Some Barbadians and tourists are concerned that this country’s reputation as a top destination is being threatened by recent crimes committed against visitors.
There are some who believe crime will turn off those who planned trips to this country, while others believe that while these occurrences will have little impact on local tourism, more needs to be done to stem this activity.
The most recent incident occurred Sunday when two British tourists were shot and robbed in Hincks Street, The City. Police yesterday held two for the attack on the tourists, Philip and Ann Prior, 72 and 59 years old, respectively.
This is what readers had to say:
Kenneth King: If we do not take charge of these foolish criminal acts, we will surely lose the resources in the tourism business. All that work and millions spent to make it an earner for the country will all vanish [because of] idiots who have no respect for their country . . . . Crime has increased, therefore more policing is needed to protect our streets.
Kendra Coupland: As a Canadian, it is scary and disappointing to hear tourists are being targeted. Makes me want to vacation in St Lucia.
Matthew Moise: Name a tourist destination that has never been affected by crime. Barbados, the Grenadines, Antigua, St Lucia, Bonnaire, Turks & Caicos. The thing is what we do after and how that will make the difference.
Helen Snape: There is crime the world over but most countries don’t rely on tourism as their main income. Bajans can’t keep shrugging their shoulders and accepting things. I love Barbados; I lived there for years with my husband who is Bajan. If there are no jobs because the tourists aren’t coming, the crime rate will get worse. (Compiled by Carol Martindale.)