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Charged: Two remanded in connection with weekend deaths

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Charged: Two remanded in connection with weekend deaths

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Under pressure to solve several serious crimes committed over the weekend, police have charged two men believed to be responsible for a murder and a fatal hit-and-run, while they continue to interrogate two others for the highly publicized robbery and shooting of a British couple.
The charges came just three days after the three incidents on Sunday.
The two men, Conroy Ramsay and Ahmal Jamal Phillips, charged in connection with deaths that occurred within 24 hours of each other, appeared in different courts yesterday but suffered the same fates.
Ramsay, the boyfriend accused of murdering his girlfriend in St Thomas on Saturday, and Phillips, charged with the vehicular death of a woman who was on her way to a party on the Harbour Road on Sunday, were both remanded to HMP Dodds for the next 28 days.