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DEAR CHRISTINE: I’m pregnant for my young nephew

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: I’m pregnant for my young nephew

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Dear Christine,
I would like your advice about this affair of mine. A few months ago I went to look for my family, and both my nephew and I fell in love with each other.
To tell the truth we had a good time together all the while I was there. On my return to my country, I discovered that I was pregnant for my nephew – who is way younger than I am. In fact, he is 20 years my junior.
The trouble is, I am living in a house with my boyfriend. From the time I returned to my country he has been telling me that I am pregnant and it cannot be his child. My nephew and I had agreed to be lovers, but I have since received a letter from him telling me he no longer wants to see me.
I do not know what to do. I want the child because I do not have any and I am not sure if I will become pregnant again.
I still love my nephew because he gave me what my boyfriend could not give me, but now I do not know what to do.
– C.S.
Dear C.S.,
I do not know what got into you and made you get sexually involved with your young nephew, but I guess that is beside the point now that you are pregnant with his child. The sad thing is he wants nothing to do with you and because of the trouble this can cause in the family you will want to keep this a secret.
My question is this: what about the child? Have you given thought to what will happen when this child is a bit older and asks about his or her family? What will you tell this child then? Living with this kind of deceit will not be easy. Will you be strong enough to manage?
Apart from that, I do not think your present boyfriend will want to keep you, so please do not look to him for support. He certainly is no fool and probably cannot have children. Maybe that is why he was able to confront you so boldly concerning your pregnancy.
My advice would be to keep the child, but you must be prepared to raise that child on your own. Children are said to be magical – and this little one may well take the place in your heart of your rejected “lover”.