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Investors warned

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Investors warned

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AMERICAN INVESTORS considering putting money into the Barbados economy have been given a heads-up by the United States’ (US) State Department about some of the shortcomings of the investment climate here, including delays in the granting of licences, a sometimes slow regulatory system and reported unfair treatment by Barbados’ Customs and Excise Department.
The advice came in the 2013 Investment Climate Statement On Barbados issued by the State Department last month.
The document – which provides American firms with information and assessments on investment laws, measures, and other factors that may be useful to them in making business decisions – is one of several compiled for scores of countries across the world.
The statement on Barbados made it clear from the outset that the Government, through Invest Barbados, strongly encourages foreign direct investment and offers special incentive packages for investments in the hotel industry, manufacturing, and offshore business services. (DP)