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Not a cent for 2008


Not a cent for 2008

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WITH?another income tax year upon us, Clayden Bryan is wondering if the Inland Revenue Department will ever correct the error it made on his income tax return form six years ago.
Bryan, who resides at Hamlet Gap, Hindsbury Road, St Michael, explained that when he filed his income tax returns for 2007 the form contained a computation error which he immediately drew to the attention of the department.
One column of the form listed his income tax deductions as $888 but in the corresponding column it was $8.88 – though he paid the required $264 to the department.
Bryan said when he contacted Inland Revenue to point out the error he was informed that he would have to submit an objection form, which he also did.
He never heard anything from the office about the matter but in 2008 when he received his filings he was shocked to discover that his returns of $581.83 had been withheld and he was informed that he owed the department $1 193.17 for 2007.
The 54 year-old man said he has had several meetings with senior officials at the department and he has written several letters but up to this day all he is being told is that the matter is being investigated.
“I have the receipt to show that I?paid the $264 which I owed the department for 2007 and I?have the form with the error which they made but up to this day I?cannot get this matter resolved,” Bryan cried.
He said while this matter had not been addressed he had still received his returns for the subsequent years 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.
But he believes that after all this time the Inland Revenue Department, with all of its experts on board, should have had the matter resolved.
And as every income tax year rolls around Bryan said he is reminded of this troubling matter.
“I am still fighting for my 2008 refunds. I don’t understand why they are alleging that I owe $1 193 for 2007 when I have the documents which they sent me as proof and I have the receipt here to show that I?paid what was owed. I?believe the error in 2008 came about as a result of the error which was made in 2007 and I?don’t think it should take them all of this time without correcting it,” he stated.
Efforts over the past two weeks to reach an official in the Inland Revenue Department have been unsuccessful. Messages concerning this matter were also left at the offices of both the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner but no response has been forthcoming from either.