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Doan fear, God in control

Mavis Beckles

Doan fear, God in control

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WELL, I GINE TELL YA, if I didn’t know dat God living and He still in control, I would swear dat wid all the lot o’ ignernts dat gine on all ovah the place, God get fed up, He pack up, leff and gone ’long ’bout He business tuh start a whole new world somewhere else.
Listen, it ain’t a li’l bit o’ foolishness dat gine on, ya know. People like duh gine mad as France. People doing as duh like and sometimes ya wonder who really winning, the good or the bad. Look, howevah ya turn around, it look like ya butting up pon some kinda negative force or the other. As my mother would say, the devil busy. He really busy in trute, ya hear?
Ting, if you mind some o’ the things dat happening ’bout here, you won’t want tuh get outta ya bed far less come outta ya house when the morning come. You would hear the cocks crowing, the birds start tuh chirp and then you would see the morning start tuh break out.
Now your body would automatically want tuh get up and get started pon a brand new day; then, all of a sudden reality would kick in and your mind would start tuh reel and rewind all the lot o’ crap dat happening. Next thing ya know, the sheet would be back ovah ya head, ya eyes would automatically shut back down tight and you would lie down and prayer dat it would all go away when you open dem again soon.
But it doan happen so. Ya does have tuh get up and face the reality. Ya does have tuh tell ya’self dat despite whatevah, God is still in control; dat this is still the world He made; dat it is still His creation; dat nuh matter what mankind do or doan do, He gine do what He has tuh do when He good and ready.
Look, ya does have tuh make up in ya mind dat people could do as duh like but not as long as duh like and dat there’s a time fuh evathing under the sun.
Ya does have tuh purposely make ya mind go tuh things dat make you smile, things dat are beautiful and cost you nothing – like a baby’s smile or touch, a beautiful sunset or sunrise: in recent times, the refreshing cool breezes and the sprinkling sound of rain pon the rooftop.
Instead o’ walking and looking round tuh see who gine fly pas’ ya pon a bicycle and try tuh pop off the piece o’ gold looking costume jewel’ry from round ya neck, look up at the beautiful blue skies wid the dotted puffy white cotton wool-looking clouds or turn ya attention over tuh the sea dat nuh matter wha happen pon the land, it gine sing and dance, come in, go back out and do what it has tuh do.
Ya does have tuh tell ya’self dat duh got more beautiful things around than there are bad things happening. It could be worse ’cause duh got other places far worse than here. Not dat dat is any kinda consolation ’cause nuhbody ain’t want tuh live in fear because of a few idiots who doan intend tuh be any help tuh duhselves nor society.
But ya have tuh live wid it and keep remembering dat duh got more good people than bad ones. Ya see, ya gine find the bad one is every place, schools, business places, the church and all and the bad ones are so bad dat when duh do foolishness, it does make the good look like nutten. But we who know better and want better will continue tuh live, work, pray and expect dat it can and will get better.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.