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Error that won’t be forgiven

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Error that won’t be forgiven

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IT SEEMS AS THOUGH time is not healing some wounds.
Some are saying that it might take another five years before a certain former boss man is forgiven.
From what we have been able to gather, the faithful are blaming their misfortune some weeks ago on a major slip-up by him and one of his foot soldiers. Had these two just kept their mouths shut, success would have been a sure thing, they’re saying, but by unearthing the betrayal and bringing it back into the public sphere they destroyed their chances of a victory.
His former allies are so bitter that they are telling this man with the Napoleon complex not to expect a hug and kiss anytime soon.
The same goes for this man’s former anointed underling.
From what we are being told, the lambasting this man is receiving would make for fantastic reading if he ever decides to write a book.
Smiling to the bank
SOME BIG MEN are very happy.
In fact, they have begun counting how many of the millions of dollars they stand to corner when some projects start later this year.
People close to one of them said that after the announcement, one boss could be heard saying he would be able to get some new equipment from the work he should obtain.
These people are buoyant because they feel the move is a long time coming and are saying if it had been done already, work would be flowing all like now. They assert too that the results of a big event would not have been as close as they were if this decision was taken 18 months ago.
They’re hoping now that this decisiveness has crept into the works, it can be maintained so that things will start moving in the country.
Blue vex
A?MAN?who has not been considered worthy since he failed to rise to the occasion some weeks ago is making his dissatisfaction known to all who would listen.
This man, who is known for pronouncing three as tree, feels that he should have been given some sort of pick and says he feels discarded.
At a recent lime he made it quite clear how sour he was, expressing the view that while he may never get a chance to enjoy a fat pension, someone who never faced the music at all stands to receive one.
Too hot to handle
AN?OFFER?has been made to a certain person to lure him back home. But this man’s counter-demands were so high that those who made the offer had to beat a hasty retreat.
Cou Cou understands that the man is demanding so much that those who made the offer had to remark that he had a real inflated view of himself.
Verbal warfare
THIS ONE took a while to sink in. But after it did all hands were on deck trying to bring some semblance of order to the proceedings after some very offensive language was used in reference to a politico.
Some expected it to go into the gutter, while others braced for people’s mothers’ names to be called before the brawl ended.
The man at the receiving end, Cou Cou was told, stood ready to hit back where it hurts most, but luckily King James intervened and brought it to a Christian end before the verbal battle became a physical war with the locking of necks.
 In the end the shorter man apologized and for the time being all appears calm. Stay tuned.