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Hotel staff want ‘sicko’ fired

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Hotel staff want ‘sicko’ fired

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THINGS ARE heating up at an incredible pace at a South Coast hotel.
Workers are planning to go on strike if a certain male employee who has a long history of sexual harassment of the female staff is not fired.
Apparently, employees are adamant that they do not want to work with this man who recently returned to work after being on suspension on a recent harassment charge.
They believe that the only reason he still has a job is because he is chummy with one of the bosses but they intend to agitate for the removal of this corrupt man until he goes.
Crocodile tears
MOURNERS at a funeral were very upset and angry when the daughters of the deceased caused a big scene in the graveyard.
Apparently, the three girls fell to the ground, bawling and screaming their mother’s name as the casket was lowered. But people started to tell them off because of what were regarded as  crocodile tears.
It appears that none of the girls looked after the poor old woman but cashed her pension cheque and used the money to get high.
Mourners commented on the unhealthy state in which the old woman was left, without even a bath, and all alone in the house most days while her daughters roamed the streets.
Son whips mum
SEVERAL PEOPLE stood in horror in Bush Hall, St Michael, earlier this week watching as a boy in school uniform put some blows on his mother.
The poor woman did not even have a chance to defend herself as the blows were fast and furious.
The horrific scene left many people shaking their heads and saying that was what could happen when children get children.
Not a visit
A WOMAN who walked up and down Barbados canvassing for her constituency’s representative and supporting her beloved party at every political meeting was left very embarrassed when no one from the party visited her in the hospital when she fell ill.
Apparently, the day after the general election the woman was hospitalized for an injury to her feet which many suspected was due to the constant walking around.
She was bragging to friends and family every day that the St Michael representative was going to visit her on the ward – but, alas, he never did.