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Two sides of privatisation

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Two sides of privatisation

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THE PRIVATE sector is not in support of widescale privatization of Barbados’ services and the public sector is not against it altogether.
At a National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) public discussion on Monday night, representatives speaking on behalf of both sides said privatization was nothing new to Barbados but too much of it would not be a good thing.
“I am no fan of blanket privatization . . . there are a lot of examples where privatization has gone badly wrong,” said chairman of the Private Sector Association, John Williams. “I would say that where I have observed first-hand, they were imposed from outside and I fear [this happening here] but if we do it ourselves, we have a much better chance of getting it right.”
On the public sector side, NUPW general secretary Dennis Clarke said there was no real proof privatization engineered greater efficiency. However, he said it was not a case of being against it wholeheartedly. (CA)