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Corporate services for local market too

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

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Local businesses could soon benefit from the same services being offered to offshore companies by JLT Towner.
Richard Barrow, manager of the corporate administration department made the promise as he spoke to BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY following the official launch of the corporate secretarial services recently.
“We have always offered management services primarily to the offshore sector, in terms of exempt insurance companies, international business companies and other specially licensed entities under the International Business Companies Act.
“What we have done today is to launch the corporate secretarial services for focus primarily on the local business market,” he said.
“We believe that the same professionalism and service we brought to international business over the years, we can bring that same service to the local market and we believe that there is scope for it to facilitate the success of businesses as we support them in their objectives,” said Barrow.
JLT Towner offers a range of services, including accounting and management financial reporting.
Barrow said while the local market was serviced primarily by attorneys when it comes to corporate secretarial services, they have been getting queries from companies.
“The only reason we have not done so before is a matter of focus [but] now that there is that focus to do so, we think it is important we fulfil some of those queries.” (MM)