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Call to secure open wells

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Call to secure open wells

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A concerned resident of the Silver Hill Drive community in Christ Church has raised an alarm over not one but two open wells in that area.
The wells are located between Block 6 and 7 of the Government units.
The woman who asked not to be named said the wells have been open for over a year and despite numerous calls to the National Housing Corporation to get them covered, the issue has not been resolved. In the meantime, a sheet of galvanized metal has been placed on each well.
She said that given a number of incidents where people fell into wells across the island, she feared that a child in the area would be the next for such an unfortunate event.
“I called National Housing in Country Road and they sent someone from the depot up here in Gall Hill in Christ Church, and all the people do is come and look and say they will get back.
“People get off the van and walk through here. Children run ’bout all around here and ride their bicycles. It is dangerous, especially at night,” said the concerned resident. (MM)