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Prophet: False leadership

Cheryl Harewood

Prophet: False leadership

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“Ninety-five per cent of church leadership in Barbados is false. The leaders have no shepherd’s heart, are not after God’s heart and are not properly representing Christ. They are hirelings who care not for the sheep.”
Visiting Guyanese preacher, Prophet Ralph Hinds, made these and other charges to church leaders, during a recent service in Bridgetown. He said that God had given him a specific word to the Church in Barbados.
“Many wicked apostles and prophets are robbing and fleecing God’s people and mixing this up [their acts] with scripture,” Hinds charged.
“Some wicked pastors [involved in this] preaching of wealth will die. God will take their finances and place their finances into the hands of the just; then the church will become wealthy.”
Hinds said the problem in the church was leadership. “God has a leadership vacuum in His church and He is shifting,” Hinds preached. “There is no anointing left in some ministers. They are bone dry, only preaching sweet messages.”
Hinds made it clear he was not afraid to share what God had revealed to him. He said he was not looking for friends. He also spoke of knowing pastors who practised witchcraft.
Hinds, whose service was conducted under the aegis of the Ministry of Christ headed by Apostle Seon Moore, said: “There will be a shaking and uprooting in Barbados.”
He charged: “Many pit ministries are being raised up and they are competing against each other . . . .
“You are either in the church of Jesus Christ or in that of the Antichrist. The Antichrist is calling the shots in this nation. I am not speaking about politics, but about the bad representation of Jesus Christ.
“The whole church thing is like a movie. It’s all about the money.” He said that living the life of Christ meant denying oneself of many things. He said he “gave up much money for the sake of the gospel”.
“I have given away all I had to follow Christ. My duty is to face the Antichrist in the area of filthy lucre. I will not compromise,” he told the congregation.
“I come to pull the mess out and expose the Antichrist. The apostles, prophets and bishops are building their church and there is a fight in the church, but God will snatch His sheep from the jaws of death – from those who are leading them astray.
“There is too much selfishness in the apostolic and prophetic arena. The focus is on mammon. Gone are the days when we shall stand in the church and see the church sink.”
The preacher added that sex, money and music “are destroying societies” and that the big religious leaders “who play church” will soon see the small churches packed with the “lost sheep” that were being “scattered and left at the mercy of these wolves”.
He advised listeners to be careful which church they put their money into and to follow God wholeheartedly.
Hinds also prayed for assistance that people would hear God’s voice, “and not fall among the wolves”.