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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Who gine bell de cat?

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Who gine bell de cat?

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Dear Nesta,
You remember de story ’bout a cat dat was neffin but a nuisance to some mice livin’ nearby, ’cause ’e was always ready an’ waitin’ to pounce whenevah duh mek a effort to get li’l cheese? Because o’ dat cat, de cheese was always outta reach, so de mice got togedduh  to discuss  wuh duh could do to get ’e outta de way.
One bright spark come up wid de idea to put a bell ’roun’ de cat neck so duh would always be able to hear when ’e  was comin’! But  . . . de big problem was to fin’ one in de group brave enuff to get near de cat to hang de bell ’roun’ e’ neck! At dat p’int de meetin’ brek up, as not one o’ dem would volunteer to do de job! Wise decision! Upwards  to now, we still don’ know ef duh was evah able to bell dat cat!!
I been waitin’ to see wuh would happen evah sence de Prime Minister declare ’pon election day  how disgraceful it was to hear ’bout all de vote-buyin’ an’ -sellin’ dat  went on! ’E promise to see to it dat de people involve would get expose an’ punish! An’ de AG was right dey wid ’e, ’cause after all, dis was serious bidness! At dat time, I remember Philomena stupsin’ an’ axin’ muh ef  I was a idiot or wuh, to t’ink anyt’ing furduh would happen!  Dah can o’ worms was too hot to handle, tummuch “fall-out” soul, fingers enuff would get burn! An’ it seem she was right, it is li’l mo’ dan a monf, an’ we still waitin’!
So yuh could imagine how it inter’es’ muh to read lately dat at a church service markin’de NUPW Public Workers Week, Reverend DeVere Murrell – an’ I sure, nuff mo’ Bajans – had de same t’oughts as me, wonderin’ when we would hear anyt’ing. He ax: “Is it too much to hope that somewhere, somehow, heads will roll or is that too much hot air?” It seem as ef  it did bare “hot air” in troof, ’cause who gine step up to move any heads dat need rollin’? Remember de mice wid de cat?  I was wonderin’, doh, ef – in de true spirit o’ Lent – anybody willin’ to be a “sacrificial lamb”?
In order to ketch de “li’l people” sellin’ duh votes, yuh got to fin’ out who “buyin”, an’ dah is whey de trouble gine start! I onderstan’ summuch gif’s get share out – from Grantleys  right down to all sorts o’ “nuseful items”, big an’ small – dat I had to remark to my nighber I real sorry I din one o’ dem lucky ones in de line!
Now votes  been fuh sale from evah long time sence – from in de early years o’ “corned beef an’ biscuits” – an’ it gradually gettin’ mo’ an’ mo’ expensive fuh “buyers”, but dis year outdo pas’ times!
Ef dah is de onlies’ way fuh a candidate to get up dem Parliament steps, ’e don’ deserve to be in de House! I know de t’ought o’ losin’ all dah pomp an’ homage an’ power as a MP – better still, a minister – is ont’inkable, but trus’ de good Lord, dere’s ethuh pafways to glory! Wuh happen to integrity? We need dah legislation real bad! De cynic Philomena, ax ef  I prefer a “House” wid nuff empty  seats! Well, onless somebody decide to “gi’e it up” – an’ dah would hardly happen – I suppose, matter close!  
So we back to de question – Who gine start de roll-call? Anethuh “Onsolve Mystery”! Mebbee it was a case o’ “mout’ open (too quick), story jump out an’ now cyahn get back in”! Wuhloss!
Tek care o’ yuhself,
Yuh frien’, Babsie