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Football team pays penalty

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Football team pays penalty

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A FOOTBALL TEAM is now without a sponsor and wondering whom it can turn to next for support.
Some members of the team are wondering if their former sponsor had to pull the plug on his patronage because he was a big loser in a recent event and is now so out of pocket that he can’t afford to finance them.
Or could it be that the individual feels hard done by because the district where the team’s membership primarily comes from did not support his side as they have traditionally done?
One member of the team said if the latter was the case, the individual should realize there is a day called tomorrow, should hang in there to show the people that despite being let down, he was still there for them.
The person also said that the former sponsor should  realize that what might have worked for his opponent recently would not work against him in the future, so he should hang in there.

Bent on a mission
SOME PROMINENT PEOPLE doing a very important job were talking in hushed tones this week about the embarrassing scene being played out before their eyes. It concerns an individual who was unceremoniously removed from being one of their number, but who seems oblivious to that fact.
From what Cou Cou has been told, the person turned up looking as resplendent as ever and after greeting his former colleagues sat down observing their proceedings.
Then at lunchtime the person joined his former colleagues over a sumptuous meal and was talking and laughing as happened in the not-so-distant past.
After the break the individual returned to observe their former colleagues at work.
The pathetic scene has some of this individual’s former colleagues asking if it was done to make the boss know how much pain the unemployment is causing; or if it was a reflection on the individual having nothing better to do on a daily basis.
Saved by messenger
IT’S OFTEN SAID that postmen and messengers know everybody because they have to. And it seems this truism is what saved a certain entity from major embarrassment recently.
From reports, the entity which among other things is charged with the responsibility of sending out a document listing the names and positions of certain big-ups, did not have all of the names and the correct positions of everyone it should have listed.
And though this escaped the eyes of the better-paid staff responsible for getting such things right, the information did not get past the eagle eyes of a lowly paid messenger.   
He spotted the omission and pointed it out before the document could be circulated. Now the entity has to dump all that paper with the wrong information on it.
Feeling resistance
A BATTLE OF wills is ongoing among a select group of people, and who will eventually triumph is anyone’s guess.
Cou Cou understands that the top boss wants to ensure his legacy so he keeps pushing integrity as an issue. However, there are those among his close-knit group who seem not to have any interest in going that route and are said to be doing whatever they can to stall progress on the matter.
The boss man is said to be getting anxious about the situation and there have been whispers that he is prepared to tell these people that if they don’t intend to fall in line, they should fall out.
It would appear, too, that the boss feels he is now operating from a position of strength and can assert himself, given his recent acclamation.
But those close to the situation suggest the boss’ strength could well turn out to be his Achilles heel. That is, he needs each of those he is pushing to secure his legacy, as much as they need to remain on his good side to continue enjoying the sweet life.